Our Beanz


We have our own specialty roast, roasted weekly right here in Christchurch by James himself.

Our beanz are single origin Brazilian Beanz! (Caldas Royale) ethically sourced through a direct trade deal with the growers.

These Beanz are grown in the volcanic micro-region of Poços de Caldas. It’s an authentic Brazilian coffee terroir, where farms are scattered along slopes of one of the most geologically rich volcanic calderas in the world. Mix that with some luscious rainforest soil, all year-round mild weather, a decent amount of rain and an altitude around 1000-1350m this makes some bloody beautiful conditions to grow this excellent speciality coffee!!!  

Tasting notes of dark chocolate and NUTZ.

James Roasting

Buy as whole beanz or ground to perfection for whatever you're at home or office needs are!